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A scary time, made easier by us. Allow us to help you through your injuries, alleviate your ailments, and restore your sense of health.

Image by Clark Van Der Beken

Exceptional Care Designed For You

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident? Are you experiencing any discomfort?

Please, allow our well-trained staff to evaluate your needs and provide you with quality health care to reduce your recovery time. We can help eliminate the pain associated with your auto injuries.

Auto injuries may be immediate or delayed, depending on the trauma caused by the accident. No matter how minor, auto collisions may leave lasting effects on your body. Immediate evaluation and treatment is the best way to prevent and reverse long-lasting discomfort.


Our comprehensive evaluations include discussing your health history, collision, and discomfort with one of our well-trained auto injury providers. Auto injuries may worsen or play a role in pre-existing health conditions. At Creighton, we pride ourselves on providing a full physical assessment and developing a personalized medical treatment plan to fit your needs. 

Creighton Health Care is here to meet each aspect of your needs in your journey to recovery. Schedule an appointment and feel the Creighton difference.

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